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by Decent News

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Monolith 03:52
[ M O N O L I T H ] Step Inside this hole of mine for now it is your home No Regard for My own life I've come to take the throne We'll make this barren wasteland something amazing to behold Sick and tired of Bleeding, now ready for the cold Over and over my chest collapses Over and over this feeling never passes hiding in the trenches, running from their eyes this disgusting life will soon meet it's demise held to the ground to be pierced with sound life fleeting now rather be collared and bound willing to be sacrificed or entombed underground not many choices hopeless now [ I F Y O U T R Y T O O V E R T H R O W T H E M A N D F A I L T H E R E ‘ S N O T M U C H Y O U C A N D O T O E S C A P E T H E M ] We’ll Twist and twine until we are one our liquid separation only fuels gestation Held to the ground so we can mate with sound Your pleasure scream feed my fever dreams we fold into ether to create secretion and metamorphisize to you discretion So now you see my life, wondering how I’ve got this far I never thought twice, Never worried how I’ve got this far Cause I didn’t have a choice, they burdened me with their noise with promises of rapture, but sending me straight to hell
Black Box 04:03
A countdown has started there is no more time Our careless demeanors have ravished our soil Grasping for reason without a design A way for humanity to become devine I've fallen right on my feet but I'm still Dead this careless insurrection has show no end This chemical betrayal, these lines are wearing thin I can't bare to see the sun until we violate the Earth Where do we go from here There's only one option To send Mankind Eagerly to the sun Seeking life but finding nothing This kinship now falling Welcomed into the abyss, for our ignorance Withering slowly The sun will bring peace Leaving our planet for I seek release Packyour Packs and board our ship We sail to the sun to start life anew I've fallen right on my feet but I'm still Dead this careless insurrection has show no end This chemical betrayal, these lines are wearing thin I can't bare to see the sun until we violate the Earth Where do we go from here There's only one option To send Mankind Eagerly to the sun Seeking life but finding nothing This kinship now falling Welcomed into the abyss, for our ignorance
Substance 03:42
[ S U B S T A N C E ] The way she moves it makes me stumble Her eyes pierce mine I begin to stumble Transient wavelengths now seem to guide my way this feeling in me it reeks of such decay Self control is gone [ S U B S T A N C E ] Now Blinds me Left writhing on the ground, All I see if her now As I lay cast aside, My mind splits and divides Into a worthless form, judging a worthy whore There's no Turning back this Life I lead it has its crack my teeth still grind to the bone as I realize what I have done this shit doesn't belong in me, It's eating away like a fucking disease Enter now an altered state that leaves me begging for a swift release Defiled and lost I roam this earth Looking for something to rid this curse It wont be me it wont be you but I'll sit here till the [ S U N ] comes through With your hips on mine we'll pass through time for this temporary pleasure won't help me realign cause I can't seem to grasp reality, with this powder commanding me
Torture Me 05:22
[ T O R T U R E M E ] This is the best for sure, I'm at my worst No where to go down from here, to the feet I'll Grovel Driving through, the darkened street I found something I never Had and stopped at the first streetlight, Just to prove I'm In control Just let me burn, It's what I deserve That hate is spraying, and the pupils dial down I cannot stand the blood in the sand It's sticking to my soles Just let me burn, Why can't I lose myself Baked to a crisp in the [ S U N ] before I get loose Trap my Neck with a noose I'd Rather the tickle of a guillotine I'm not made for this, Subsiding thoughts arise There is a quake in the ground sucking in the sand that surrounds So I'll drive back home, to the place I've closed In my dreams and in my core I've become Cold and pale A dead body grave walking into a cemetery Open skies and swelling eyes they [ T O R T U R E M E ] But I can't Speak I'm smitten by the cuffs, the lipstick and the choking but they really need to know, These screams are really moans This is the best for sure I'm at my worst No where to go down from here, to the outside I walk They Torture me but I can't speak, They poke at me with knives I bleed Suspicion Watching, Suspicions talking Suspicion breathing over my neck Suspicions breaking my knees More Whips cut me open, more claws pull open the wounds and send me straight to hell, but darkened gloves and whispers push me further to kill, It's bad enough no one can help
Eyewitness 04:25
[ I ‘ L L B E A W A K E N E D ] It's hard to stay driven with this monkey on my back So I'm to sit and burn for this empathy you lack oh I beg and plead with no reprieve you'll never fucking take me I won't be deceived Warm and righteous this fire pure Your callous kiss that I've always yearned It halts my movement as I wait to be reborn Give in to the cure now show me what's in store I can't rely on this toxic environment anymore, I just don't belong here the way that we waver back and forth it takes it's toll on me Now we're both forsakened So take a step back from yourself Maybe you'll see why I can't stand, the way that we ended self deprecation will show me the way to an unmarked grave Where [ I ' L L B E A W A K E N E D ] Where do we go from here Will I ever see the [ S U N ] Again This frigged night will be the end Less we find a way to be whole again
Krokodil 03:41
When we met we first were strangers You were sweet but full of Dangers They warned me about your reputation Your bittersweet asphyxiation I introduced you to my body Your stinging kiss makes me feel godly you find a way to ease my pain You find a way to cause me more Forced to the ground, Empty handed Feeling weak my Soul is stranded Left all alone without your touch I'd end my life for just one taste Heavy footsteps self reflection Losing myself by Injection Kissing you is like drinking acid I wear down to Skin and Bone Getting pulled out of the ether, A chance to get my shit together Just one more time before I start I had o chance I fall apart You've taken more than I can give a million holes a living sieve Yet even as my life falls through I'm glad to lose hope instead of you
The Mud 02:25
[ T H E M U D ] I can't see the end here I won't pretend like these worn out scars aren't bothering me there will be no release until the devil I see There's no sense hiding for it's always there The weight upon my shoulders I've been dragging around for years It twists my thoughts and it makes me numb there will be no relief until I'm Burning in the [ s u n ] You say I'm not worth of this wretched curse but I'll have to disagree for the both of us come with me forever and we'll both be free [ T A K E T H I S L O A D E D G U N ] Baby I've got just what you need Come now don't be afraid I see it in your eyes, you're starting to hesitate That plastic smile now turning grim You're frail body limp, ready for release the decision was made long ago to turn your back on everyone you know so we sit here cold, ready to meet the maker no begging for forgiveness this steel shall be your taker
Pyrophile 05:08
Opiate 03:12
In the Kitchen Sink Memories Run with your Makeup as I stand Idley by I think she’s sick, Slumped on the ground I’ll stay in the corner for the rest of the night Imagining I’m looking into your eyes I used to fight the pills we’re supposed to take But now I see Why Everyone Subsides and when I try They climb over using my limbs Because I love you I do what I can I give you what you want as your skin grows pale I’d give away a thousand days Just to see you stay and watch you smile you’re not Smiling anymore How do I turn to something that hurts you more You make me stand and watch your eyes turn grey all I want to be is your [ O P I A T E ] Can you feel the money, Rubbing in your pockets Can you feel the junkies, Touching up on you crotch It's not what you expected, Now you're in too deep More for the stomach, More for the scourge I'll stay in my room but I'm the odd one out You'd best do the same until it disappears You're trying to Live in Someone else until there's noting else but untimely Death


Produced by: Decent News
Mixed and Mastered by: Michael Haggerty
Album Artwork by: Conner Michael

Special thanks to: Chris Bollinger,
Shaylagh Canty, Mackensie Stokes, Conner Michael, Michael Haggerty, Al Diiorio, Steven Thomas Green, Zak Turner, Josh Lamison, Kevin Malicki and Conor Breen (From ACIDHENGE), As well as Dennis McLaughlin and Jason Becker (from Wavepeak)

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released August 30, 2019

Decent News is

Caleb Moore
Vocals (1-3, 5-9)
Programming (1-3, 6, 8)

Eddie LaFlash
Vocals (1, 2, 4, 6, 10)
Guitar (1-5, 7-10)
Synth (1-3, 5-7, 9, 10)
Programming (1-7, 9, 10)
Piano (10)

Laken Stokes
Bass Guitar (1, 2, 5, 7, 10)
Synth (4)
Piano (4)
Programming (3, 4)

Legs (1-10)


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Decent News Connecticut

Decent News is a furious fusion of industrial metal and American Hardcore.

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